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A-Z of Search Marketing Terminology Definitions

Need to increase your understanding of terminology used in the Search Marketing industry? We’ve compiled a glossary to help explain the definitions of some search marketing terms.

Avg CPC – Average Cost Per Click

Avg CPC is the average cost you pay for your PPC ad clicks. A cost of £25 for 100 clicks would result in an Avg CPC of £0.25


The number of desired actions that have been taken from your PPC adverts. Actions could include e-commerce sales, contact form submission leads, newsletter sign up, telephone call, app download, etc. You will need to setup conversion tracking code into your website for conversions to be tracked in your PPC accounts.

CTR – Click Through Rate

To calculate Click Through Rate, you need to divide the number of clicks by impressions. If your account accrued 100 clicks from 1000 impressions, then the CTR would be 10%.

Google Shopping

What is Google Shopping? This is Google’s version of an online marketplace & Comparison Shopping Site. Retailers will advertise on this platform for all product related seach queries on Google. Advertisers will display their product image, title, price, shipping and promotions.

In the past this channel went under the names of Google Product Search, Google Base and Froogle, it was a free channel to retailers with Shopping Feeds pre 2012, it now operates on a CPC basis. Read our Google Shopping feed guide for more detailed information.

Impr – Impressions

An impression counts every ttime your advert serves on Google Search, Display Network, YouTube and Bing network.

IS – Impression Share

Impression Share is a percentage score metric that tells you how often your ads are served for your keyword Google searches. You want to aim for a higher impression share for your most effective keywords. Impression Share scores are available at account, campaign, ad group and keyword level. Some reasons for a low Impression Share score could be low budgets, low bids & low quality scores.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords operate in the opposite way to normal keywords. Sometimes, your target keyword search queries will include undesirable words. Negative keywords will prevent your ads serving on Google or Bing. This will save you on wasted clicks & costs. Read more detailed information in our Negative Keyword Guide.

PPC – Pay Per Click

What is PPC? Pay Per Click advertising is fee based, charging for each click on their ads across various online platforms. Google Ads is the biggest PPC platform. PPC ads display in Google for all user searches for products or services.

RSA – Responsive Search Ads

What are Responsive Search Ads? They’re a recently new & larger format for Search Ads on Google. Advertisers can write up to 15 headlines and 4 longer descriptions. Google Ads utilises machine learning functionality to ascertain the most succesful combinations of the different ad messages to serve to the Google user. For more information, read our Guide to Responsive Search Ads.

Showcase Shopping Ads

A slightly different format to Shopping Ads. Showcase Shopping Ad units utilise the same area of standard Shopping Ads in the search results but include several product photos and target more broad search queries, when potential customers are more in the research ‘upper funnel’ stage of purchasing products. Read our Showcase Shopping Guide.

Smart Shopping

Simplified & automated option to manage your Google Shopping campaigns with machine learning technology utilised for continuous performance improvements. Smart Shopping guide is available here.

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