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What are Negative Keywords in Google Ads?

Negative keywords block your PPC ads from displaying in Google searches that you deem to be irrelevant or unprofitable.

For example, if you only sell red shoes on your website but the search query is for ‘black shoes’, then you would want to add ‘black’ as a negative keyword so that your advert does not serve and waste your PPC budget.

Why Use Negative Keywords?

Negative keywords serve two key benefits. Firstly, they will save you money by preventing your ads being served to people not looking for your products or services. Secondly, negative keywords will improve your Click Through Rate by blocking your advert from similar irrelevant search queries. An improved Click Through Rate (CTR), will provide additional benefits by increasing your Quality Scores. Google reward advertisers with higher Quality Scores with higher ad positions and lower CPCs.

How To Add Negative Keywords in Google Ads?

Look for ‘Keywords > Negative Keywords’ in the left column of the Google Ads user interface. Click on the blue + button, then insert the keywords that will block your ads from serving in Google Search. You can choose to add these negative keywords at Ad Group or Campaign level.

More information on negative keywords on the Google Ads website

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