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Google Analytics 4 Guide

A review of Google Analytics 4 to help you understand this much different new version of Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics 4?

GA4 is the new version of Google Analytics. GA4 is out of beta but will have serious change & development this/next year.

Google’s own statement for the development and investment in GA4: “The new Google Analytics is now the default experience for new properties and is where we’re investing in future improvements.”

Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics

As cookies become more obsolete due to privacy regulations, GA4 is designed to function without cookie data and will use AI modelling to fill in these data gaps.

What is New in GA4?

Below highlights some differences between GA4 & Universal Analytics.

Will Universal Analytics close down?

Universal Analytics has no official date for sunset, it will likely remain available for a long time yet to allow everyone time to install v4 and build up 1-2 years of data, it should remain the main reporting tool for most users in the short-mid term.

Is Google Analytics 4 free?

Yes, GA4 is free to install and use.

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