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RSA Guide – Responsive Search Ads in Google

What are Responsive Search Ads?

Responsive Search Ads (aka RSA’s) are a new format of Google Text Ads, that leverage the power of Google’s machine learning technology to quickly test various combinations of your advertising messages and ultimately serve the best adverts to your customers.

Launched in July 2018, RSAs are still in BETA phase and available in most accounts, for accounts not on the beta you will need to contact a Google Ads support representative and request this format to be added to your account.


Responsive Search Ads vs Expanded Text Ads

RSAs and ETAs are the same size and both use up the largest real estate of the available text ads.

Including up to 270 characters, with three 30 character headlines and two 90 character description fields. This format is much bigger than standard Text Ads.

The larger size format will generate a +15% increase in click through rate compared to standard text ads, the increased CTR will also help to increase the quality score of keywords in your ad group.

Responsive Search Ads Tips

Include DKI dynamic keyword insertion into some of your headlines, if the Ad Group has different keywords.

Use different lengths of headlines, this will increase the chances of your ad displaying the third headline.

Include several different messages in your headlines, avoid repeating variants of the same message. Google may not run your ad with repeated message variants.

Don’t use the pin option unless essential to maximise the performance of RSA, this significantly lowers the testing & variant options available by over 75%

Aim for 1 x RSA ad and 3 x ETA per ad group as best practice recommended by Google.

Currently, the only metrics available for RSA ads are to view the impressions & clicks of the different combinations used. Hopefully, Google will include conversion, CTR & revenue metrics to help you identify the ROI of different messages.

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